My Weekend Morning Routine

I have seen a few morning routines and I love reading them, so here I am writing my own.


Wake Up

I usually wake up around 8:30am (sometimes 9:00am if I’m lucky) on a weekend because my body is used to getting up early for work. I wish I could say I jump out of bed and start getting ready for the day but I’d be lying, for the next half hour I lay in bed and scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat…I know you do to!

Make Breakfast

After scrolling through all the social media posts I can find, I get out of bed and make myself a cup of tea (sometimes coffee) and two pieces of toast. This is probably something you don’t want to know but I’ll share it with you anyway, I have been obsessed with jam on toast recently and I don’t know why. Whist eating my breakfast, I catch up on YouTube videos!

Have a Bath

At this point, I’m ready to start my day. I run myself a warm bath so I can relax after a busy working week. Hopefully every girl can relate to this, I have a ‘wash my hair schedule’, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then it just means that I wash my hair every other day and I make sure one of those days is a Saturday.

Getting Ready

After my long relaxing bath, I dry and straighten my hair. Next, I apply my make-up, I don’t want to write too much about my make-up because I would like to do a separate post based on that. Once my make-up has been applied, I get dressed, my favourite outfit has got to be black skinny jeans and a cosy jumper.

And now I’m ready!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog! Again, thank you for taking the time, it really means a lot! Feel free to follow me on my social media (the links are below).

Caitlin x

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