NYX Liquid Lipsticks

Hello Everyone!

NYX is a professional makeup brand which has caused a lot of excitement for beauty lovers. The brand made it’s way to most Boots stores and I think we all went a little crazy.


The first NYX product I bought was the NYX Soft Matte Cream in the shade Istanbul. What I love about it is, EVERYTHING! It does exactly what it says it does and what more could you ask for. This liquid lipstick applies very smoothly and is very soft before it dries onto the lips. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, the Soft Matte Cream doesn’t feel too drying and heavy on the lip and I love that. If you’re not one for a heavy lipstick then you need to try this.

After trying the NYX Soft Matte Cream, I decided it was time to invest in a different liquid lipstick. I went into Boots and seen that they had the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick and I decided to buy the shade Tea and Cookies. How could I not buy it when it’s named Tea and Cookies (my two favourite things). This lipstick does last longer than the Soft Matte Cream, however it can feel very drying and heavy on the lips. I personally don’t mind this as I know it wont smudge and come off throughout the day.

I am in love with both these NYX liquid lipstick and they tend to go with most makeup looks as they come in a variety of shades.

What NYX products do you love?

Caitlin x

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