My Skin Care Routine


Hello everyone! How are you all today?

I thought I’d write a blog post about skin care today because it is very important that we look after our skin. I feel that we are all guilty sometimes, especially when we are in a rush, of not removing our makeup properly. Speaking from experience, I was unaware that I was not removing all of my makeup from my face. This then led to me having spots!

I start my routine by removing all my makeup with both soap and water and makeup wipes. Once my face is bare I use the ‘Simple Triple Action Face Wash‘, this deeply cleanse my skin and removes any dirt that I may have missed. Not only does this product help to fight spots, it’s also suitable for sensitive skin, what a bonus! After I have wiped off the face wash, I use the ‘Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser‘. I rub it all over my face and leave it to dry. I cannot recommend this product enough, I literally cannot get enough of it. Since I have been using this product my skin has felt healthy and fresh. If you have oily skin like myself, I definitely recommend you try this product.

What products do you use?

Caitlin x


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