20 Facts About Me


20 Facts About Me

I feel that it’s only right for me to make this my ‘first’ blog post, in order for you to get to know me a little. Here’s 20 facts about me.

 I am 19 years old

I am British

I have one older sister (who is my role model)

I am really shy until I get to know someone

I am addicted to tea and chocolate…YUM!

I love music

I love the cold wintry nights (yes I know…a little strange)

I am a very fussy eater

I am very maternal and look forward to having my own family in the future

I have a tabby cat named Tilly

My favourite colour is pink

I am a worrier (I worry about everything and anything)

My star sign is an Aries

I absolutely LOVE Penguins!

I love listening to other people

My favourite TV series are ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’

I have always wanted to visit Brighton and the dream is coming true

I love sleeping

I wish I could sing and dance

This is a new fact about myself, my favourite quote. It was influenced by YouTuber ‘FabulousHannah’…’no rain, no flowers’ – the meaning behind this quote is just beautiful, we have to go through the bad times for the good to happen!

I hope you liked this little ‘get to know me’ post!

Thank you for reading!

Caitlin x


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